Customer Contact Campaigns » Specializing in Payment Collection & Subscriber Retention

The CirTech Difference: At CirTech every client is our biggest client! We build custom campaigns for any size newspaper and any size budget. Our staff has more experience in the industry than any other! Prepaid orders are our specialty! The following are just a few of the campaigns we offer:


  • New movers
  • Direct mail follow-up
  • Sunday select opt-in's
  • Hybrid & digital edition sales
  • Specialty products


  • Win backs
  • Aged formers
  • Poor service stop resells
  • Expiring EBR status sales


  • Pricing implementation strategies (i.e. Math Economics)
  • Verification of delivery on new starts (same day data feed to client)
  • Credit card expire/decline update campaigns
  • Message blasts (Live return call agent)
  • Prior to expiration collections/upsells
  • Grace collections/upsells
  • Inbound subscriber services
  • Email append and marketing


  • Paid and no-additional cost, upgrades (digital and print)


  • Hard collection campaign (prior disposition and payment history based)